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Pontos de vida

20 (Heart.svg × 10)

Força de Ataque

Fácil: 2 (Heart.svg)
Normal: 4 (Heart.svgHeart.svg)
Difícil: 6 (Heart.svgHeart.svgHeart.svg)


Nivel de luz 7 ou menos, qualquer lugar, mas lajes (metade de blocos) ou grama.

Primeira aparição


ID na Rede


ID no Jogo Salvo



(0-2) depois de morto.

(0-2) depois de morto.



Um esqueleto é um mob que expele projeteis infinitos com um arco, e como zombies, queimam durante o dia. Porém, durante esse processo, ele procura abrigar-se em um lugar sombrio, ou joga-se na água. ( Com objetivo de não morrer carbonizado )


Esqueletos são a única fonte de bones (ossos) (e bone meal e também podem deixar cair arrows (flechas) completas e raramente arcos. Cada esqueleto irá deixar cair 0 - 2 ossos e/ou 0 - 2 flechas na morte. Embora esqueletos irão atirar flechas em paredes e o chão, o jogador não irá poder pegar e re-usar essas flechas. Por causa dos seus items valiosos, calabouços de esqueletos são um ótimo lugar para fazer um matadouro de mobs e fazendas de pontos de xp.

Creepers devem ser mortos com uma flecha de esqueleto para deixarem cair Music Disc (Discos de música).


A presença de um esqueleto é indentificável pelo som de chocalho suave de seus ossos. Ele vai andar e pular sem rumo até ver o jogador. Nesse ponto, ele vai começar a dispara flechas em direção ao jogador com precisão moderada, visando ao nível da cabeça quando está em plena saúde e ao nível do torso quando está ferido. Ao se aproximar do alvo, o esqueleto vai atirar direto para cima, tornando-se mais difícil de acertar. No entanto essas têndencias muitas vezes obter esqueletos presos em pequenas alcovas e cavernas.

Se a flecha de um esqueleto atinge outro mob hostil, este mob irá atacar o esqueleto da mesma forma que atacaria o jogador - creepers vão detonar perto do esqueleto se atingidos. O esqueleto continuará a atacar o jogador, até que este seja morto pelo mob. Resumindo, mobs sempre tentarão atacar o último mob (incluindo o jogador) que causar danos a eles. Esqueletos também vão tentar atacar até a morte o último mob que lhe atingiu com uma flecha, como se um esqueleto baleado por outro esqueleto, tanto esqueletos vão atacar o outro, não apenas um. Se o jogador intervém, no entanto, ambos irão atacar o jogador.

Se um esqueleto atinge outro esqueleto com uma flecha, eles vão atacar um ao outro, até que um seja morto.


Skeletons pose more of a threat because they have ranged attacks and will strafe, jump, and dodge when approaching the player. This can prove especially problematic if the player does not have a bow. By carefully maneuvering behind corners, skeletons can be trapped against the walls and cautiously dispatched with a sword.

Going after skeletons while swimming is not advised, as the water will slow the player's movement down to the point of making them an easy target for the skeleton's arrows. It is possible (but extremely difficult) to deflect a skeleton's arrow by hitting it with anything or casting a fishing rod towards it at the right time and place (like reflecting a ghast's fireball).

Their arrows travel in a straight line as of 1.8, however, pre 1.8 their arrows use to travel to in a wide arc, which would sometimes causes the arrows to get stuck in the ceiling. If skeletons are in a 2 block high area, they could almost never hit you unless they were very close, or if their health was low, and they were shooting from their torso.

As of Beta 1.9 Pre-release 5 Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen, and Zombies can be damaged by Splash Potions of healing and/or regeneration.

Defensive Measures[editar]

Skeletons are vulnerable to daylight (when not standing in water), lava, fire, falling, and contact with cacti. They are also able to climb ladders. Surface skeleton populations can be controlled if the player regularly sleeps in a bed at dusk, since skeletons will spawn in the dark if given the chance to. Players can keep an ear out for the clicking and xylophone-like sounds of nearby skeletons in caves and use certain corners and tight spaces to their advantage.

If skeletons do get close to your home, the player must note that a door is not an adequate safety barrier, unless it was placed from the outside. Skeletons can shoot arrows through doors if placed from the inside and will not desist until daytime, and the player is advised to have some form of preliminary defenses to prevent a skeleton getting so close.

Construction Safeguards[editar]

Proper lighting around and inside structures is essential to preventing skeletons (and other hostile mobs) from spawning.


Skeletons were a hostile mob introduced to the game in Survival Test. They spawned randomly in new Survival maps and followed players when approached, much like zombies. They fired purple arrows, appeared to fire arrows at a faster and more random rate and shot 6 arrows outward a short range in all directions when dying. Arrows fired by skeletons at that time could be picked up and used by players. Skeletons took 5 hits to kill and could appear wearing NPC armor (that gave them no additional protection) and gave 120 points when killed.

In Alpha, skeletons would drop 0 - 2 arrows upon death. After Alpha 1.2, skeletons held a bow in their hands.

In the Beta update, skeletons could drop 0 - 2 bones in addition to the arrows. As of Beta 1.2, bones could be turned into bone meal, and mixed with other ingredients to make dyes or applied to wheat and saplings to mature the crop instantly. In Beta 1.4, skeleton bones could be used to tame wolves. As of Beta 1.6.6, bone meal applied to grass blocks will grow tall grass and flowers. As of Beta 1.8, they now hold full-sized bows and their rate of fire is reduced. Their arrows however, will be shot with more force. Also as of Beta 1.8, bone meal can also be used on a mushroom to create Huge Mushrooms.



  • Skeletons cannot hit the player if they stand perfectly still and the skeleton doesn't move.
  • Esqueletos tem a mesma face de zombies, com um re-color.
  • Esqueletos possuem a mesma texture de suas pernas nos braços.
  • If the player is under a skeleton, it will shoot itself.
  • Though they have the same pose as a zombie, they will not damage the player through contact (touching).
    • In terms of potential threat, this makes little difference; while skeletons cannot fire arrows as rapidly as zombies will hit, they will continue to fire their bows at the player from point-blank range.
  • A skeleton in a Minecart will burn on contact with sunlight.
  • Despite holding a bow, they do not drop it when they die.
  • In 1.8, Skeletons hold their bows more realistically (two-handed, ready to use) than in previous versions (in one hand).
  • Skeletons may spawn on top of a spider creating a "Spider Jockey"
  • In 1.8 creative mode, when a skeleton shoots an arrow at the player, the arrow bounces off and can hit the skeleton or other mobs. If it hits another hostile mob, it causes it to become hostile to the skeleton.
  • Skeletons can climb up ladders, but they will not shoot the players while climbing up. They do not use ladders to their advantage, and often simply use it if it is directly in front of them while in pursuit of the player.
  • In Survival Test, Skeletons shot arrows with a magenta colored shaft. This texture is currently unused but it still can be seen in arrows.png.
  • A Skeleton can kill itself with its own arrows if the player stays directly above it while flying in Creative Mode.
  • If a skeleton shoots itself with its own arrow, the arrow does not stick to the skeleton.
  • In 1.9 pre 5, a splash potion of